LOWER your property assessment for 2018!

Very few people try to get any relief on their property assessment with the feeling that "you can't beat city hall".  This is not always the case...

**Request an assessment review from Property Tax Experts, Inc today !

If the assessment review suggests an appeal then we will assist you on how to proceed.  The timeline for the assessment appeal filing is a small 30 day window from when the 2018 assessment is published.  The County estimates assessments will be published starting in late summer.

Over the past few years the Illinois real estate market has experienced major declines in property values.  Although now many areas have seen rebounds in value on a macro level, on the micro level there are still many over assessments.  Unfortunately, the property assessments are factored and everyone in your township will get the same factor increase no matter your individual area.  This year we expect most if not all townships to apply increases to value using the equalization factor.  Bottom line, do not be complacent with an increase if you are already over valued on your assessment.  If you believe your property has a market value lower than your assessment we can help you get the savings you deserve and beat city hall.

Property Tax Experts, Inc. specializes in identifying over assessed property and securing property assessment reductions within Dupage and McHenry Counties.  We are experts in reviewing property tax assessments.  Our vast array of data sources and valuation expertise enable us to provide the best chances at attaining the lowest possible assessment deserved.  

The assessment deadlines are posted on your county assessors site.  

These deadlines are published by your township so please check your deadline to make sure you do not miss your chance to be heard.   You have only 30 days from the notice date to file an assessment appeal with all supporting evidence.  If you miss the deadline, you will not be able to dispute current year's assessment. Don't let time run out!  Act Now... before it’s too late! Sign up now!

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